About Speedy Cash

In the bustling world of short-term lending, Speedy Cash emerges as a notable contender, offering an array of financial solutions tailored to meet the urgent needs of those facing unexpected fiscal hurdles.

Founded in 1997, Speedy Cash has expanded its services beyond physical stores to include a comprehensive online platform, catering to over 10 million customers with a promise of convenience and accessibility.

Speedy Cash's online portal stands as a testament to their commitment to customer convenience, allowing users to apply for loans with the click of a button. The website is user-friendly, offering clear navigation and detailed information, ensuring applicants are well-informed about their financial options.

The company offers a variety of loan types, including payday loans, installment loans, title loans, and lines of credit, each with its own set of terms and conditions transparently presented to the borrower.

One of Speedy Cash's strengths lies in its flexibility. The company understands that each financial situation is unique and offers an array of loan amounts and repayment plans to suit diverse customer needs. This flexibility is complemented by the company's policy of not requiring perfect credit history for loan approval, which opens the doors for a wider range of customers, including those with less-than-stellar credit scores.

Speedy Cash's commitment to transparency is evident in its straightforward approach to fees and interest rates. While these may be on the higher end, typical of the industry's short-term loans, the company makes an effort to ensure customers understand what they are signing up for. This level of clarity is crucial in an industry often criticized for its complex fee structures.

The loan application process at Speedy Cash is swift and secure, with potential for same-day funding—a lifeline for those in urgent need of cash. The company employs robust encryption technology, ensuring customer data is protected, which speaks volumes about their dedication to security and customer trust.

Customer service is another pillar of Speedy Cash's offering. The company provides ample resources and support for customers to make informed decisions, including a comprehensive blog filled with financial tips and advice. Furthermore, the customer service team is praised for being approachable and readily available to assist with queries and concerns, reinforcing the company's customer-centric philosophy.

However, it's important to note that while Speedy Cash offers an essential service for those in a financial pinch, the high-interest rates and fees associated with short-term loans can lead to a cycle of debt if not managed responsibly. Prospective borrowers should carefully consider if a short-term loan is the right choice for their situation and have a solid repayment plan in place.

In conclusion, Speedy Cash distinguishes itself in the payday loans online space through its user-friendly platform, range of loan options, commitment to transparency, and exemplary customer service. While the services provided come with the usual caveats of short-term lending, the company's straightforward approach and support resources make it a viable option for those seeking immediate financial assistance. With consumer education and security as cornerstones of their service, Speedy Cash stands out as a reliable resource for navigating the complexities of unexpected financial demands.

Products and Services

Speedy Cash offers a variety of flexible and fast-funding financial solutions, including secure and unsecured loans with manageable repayment plans, tailored to assist customers in meeting immediate cash needs and managing financial emergencies with ease and convenience.

Payday Loans Online

A fast-funding option due on the borrower's next payday, providing quick cash for emergencies.

Installment Loans

Loans that allow for small, fixed payments typically over a longer period, offering manageable repayment plans.

Title Loans

A secured loan option where customers can use their vehicle's title as collateral for quick access to cash.

Line of Credit

A flexible funding source similar to a credit card, where customers can draw funds as needed and repay over time.


  • Provides a wide range of loan products, including payday and installment loans

  • Offers financial services both online and in-store for customer convenience

  • Active community participant with charitable donations like to Speedway Children's Charities


  • Loan options and maximum amounts available may vary based on customer location

Getting Started

With Speedy Cash, the first step after signing up is choosing from their range of loan options, which include payday loans, installment loans, and title loans. They also offer services like check cashing and money transfers. The application process can be completed online, over the phone, or in-person at one of their stores. Customers can expect a fast decision and next-day funding if approved. To get started with Speedy Cash, visit their website and select the 'apply now' option. If you're unsure about Speedy Cash, our rankings list might have other options that suit your needs better.